If your birth control failed and you’re worried you might be pregnant, it’s important to take a deep breath. While you’re probably feeling an overwhelming mix of emotions, there are steps you can take to gain some control over the situation. 

Read on to learn more about what to do next. 

1. Take a Pregnancy Test

Taking a pregnancy test is an important first step if you’re worried you might be pregnant. At-home pregnancy tests work by measuring the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in a woman’s urine. At the moment of conception (when the sperm meets the egg), the body begins producing HCG. 

By the time you’ve missed your expected menstrual period, there’s enough HCG in the urine for an at-home pregnancy test to detect. This is why it’s best to wait until you think you’ve missed a period before testing—otherwise if you take the test too early, you might receive a false-negative result (which is when you’re pregnant but there’s not yet enough HCG in your urine for the test to register). 

2. Receive an Ultrasound

If you receive a positive result on your pregnancy test, or if you’re testing negative but have missed your menstrual period, getting an ultrasound is an important next step to ensure your health and safety. 

An ultrasound is a harmless, quick scan that uses sound waves to create an image of structures inside the body. During a pregnancy scan, the sonographer (the person doing the ultrasound) will be able to confirm whether or not you’re pregnant. They will also take measurements to confirm the age of the pregnancy (this is important if you’re considering an abortion, as there are gestational age restrictions for different types of abortion), and they will also ensure that the pregnancy is in the correct location (if not, it could be a potentially life-threatening condition known as ectopic pregnancy). 

3. Review Your Medical History

If you’re pregnant, reviewing your medical history with a qualified physician is an important step to take before considering what to do next. If you’re considering abortion, certain medical histories and medications make it an unsafe option.

We Can Help

Whether you’re worried that you might be pregnant, or you received a positive result on an at-home test, the worries and anxieties can feel overwhelming. At Elevate Pregnancy and Family Resource Center, we understand and are here for you. 

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