Adoption can be a bittersweet experience. For some women, it can be a time of immense joy. For others, it is a difficult and emotional process. All of these experiences are normal, and there is no one right way to feel. Your emotions are valid!

Types of Adoption

It is important to understand the different types of adoption so that you can make the decision that is best for you. These types include:

– Open adoption: During an open adoption, the woman has total control over the process and chooses the adoptive family. She is able to communicate and form a relationship with the child and their adoptive family, and she has the option to have regular contact. This is a good choice for women who would like a say in the process and play an important role in creating a family.
– Semi-open adoption: A semi-open adoption occurs when regular communication is conducted via a third party such as an adoption attorney or agency.
– Closed adoption: A closed adoption provides an opportunity for the woman to remain anonymous. With this form of adoption, no communication occurs between the adoptive family and woman, and all records are sealed. This might be a good option for women who are interested in protecting their privacy.

What Has Changed About Adoption?

A lot about adoption has changed in recent years. Before, women might not have had much of a say in the process. Now, the woman can make decisions about which family her child will be placed with and has the opportunity to play an integral role in forming a family. She has more control during the process, and both her input and decisions can be honored.

It is important to choose the form of adoption that is right for you. This is a big decision, and you deserve to have all of the facts about this option. Elevate would be happy to talk through the adoption options with you. We are here to help!