Parenting can be a beautiful and rewarding journey, but it is not without its challenges. Many parents describe this option as being one of the best decisions of their lives, while others have found it difficult. It is important to know that it is normal to feel a variety of emotions about parenting.

Am I Ready to Parent?

There are also some questions that you will want to consider:

– Am I financially ready to raise a child?
– What kind of support will I need when parenting?
– Will I be able to provide the things a child needs?
– Can I continue to go to school as a parent?

There are likely many questions going through your mind right now, and it is important to give yourself the time you need to process and think about your options. Parenting requires a strong support network and a can-do attitude, but it can bring immense joy to a person’s life. Luckily, many resources are available to parents during this journey.

Help is Available!

If you have chosen to parent, you may be unsure of who to turn to for support. Luckily, there are a variety of free services and resources available to help you navigate this change. At Elevate Pregnancy and Family Resource Center, our Stepping Stones pregnancy and parenting program is open to anyone no matter what option they may choose. We connect you with mentors and offer life coaching

The program also allows individuals to earn items such as infant clothing, blankets, breastfeeding supplies, car seats, and gift certificates.

Classes are offered to educate expectant and current parents as well as individuals wanting to make changes in their life, with topics ranging from safe sleep to childbirth education to self-care and stress management. Taking on a parenting role can be difficult, but know that you are not alone. Our center is here to offer you the support and material you need to be a successful, thriving parent. Reach out today to learn more about the resources available to you!