If your partner recently told you she’s pregnant, you’re likely filled with questions and wondering what steps to take next. 

While the decision about how to move forward with the pregnancy is ultimately your partner’s to make, your opinion and feelings are valid—and you play a vital role in helping your partner during this process.

Read on to learn more about what role you can play in your and your partner’s unplanned pregnancy. Or, if you and your partner want to talk to someone about your pregnancy options, contact Elevate Pregnancy and Family Resource Center. All appointments and services are free and private. 

Help Your Partner Feel Supported

After finding out about an unplanned pregnancy, helping your partner feel supported is the most important step you can take. 

You can show your support in the following ways:

  • Provide a listening ear. An unplanned pregnancy can fill you and your partner with overwhelming emotions and questions, but you can let her know you’re there for her by simply listening to what she’s going through—without passing judgment. When you listen without giving your opinion, you show her your support and respect her feelings.
  • Share your feelings. Your feelings about the unplanned pregnancy are valid, and it’s essential for you to share your feelings with your partner. While you want to be honest with your feelings, you also want to ensure that you’re not coercing your partner into a certain pregnancy decision based on them.
  • Offer physical support. Your partner will likely have doctor’s appointments and need certain food, vitamins, etc. You can help your partner feel supported in these efforts by accompanying her to these appointments or getting her the items she needs. 
  • Help her get information. Your partner has three choices for her pregnancy: parenting, adoption, or abortion. Helping her get information about these options—and letting her know that you’re there for her as she decides—is an essential way to show your support.

Respect Her Pregnancy Decision and Get Prepared

If you disagree with your partner’s pregnancy decision, that’s okay. You can share your feelings about the pregnancy and what you want to happen without making your partner feel coerced. However, you must go into that conversation with the understanding that the pregnancy decision is your partner’s to make. 

Once your partner tells you her decision, the best way you can demonstrate that you respect her decision is by getting prepared. For example, if your partner chooses to parent, you can get prepared by learning all you can about fatherhood. 

You’re Not Alone

You and your partner aren’t alone in this pregnancy. At Elevate Pregnancy and Family Resource Center, we’re here for you with free pregnancy resources, services, and information that can help you both feel supported and informed. We also offer support made especially for fathers. 

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